[110] The next big thing is the league format

2 min readJan 12, 2023


2020, December 15th

Today, we had an interesting discussion with Kazy, who manages the Masters Cup. He plans to gather many big teams in a big tournament.

He told me about a specific format that would allow him to do it using the IFC.

But it was not very clear, and in the end, the perfect format would have been a league.

- Because if you have 2 teams tied, the one has one match left to play could take advantage it is makes a draw in J6 for example. For me, we have to do some kind of league format, with 5 games.
- Yes, a league would be awesome obviously.
- And in the end, you have a ranking and you separate in two.
- But since you don’t have the league format, this was the only option to make it with you.
- Well, a league is a one group tournament
- Yes

This is not the first time someone tells me about the league format. It may have a big role to play for the future. So I told A*, and he will work on it to have it ready for mid-January.

In the meantime, A* keeps designing new beautiful pages.

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