[113] Leagues are almost ready

2 min readJan 19, 2023

2021, January 2nd

Happy new year !

It’s crazy to see that we’re still working on the IFC now, 8 months after we started. Now we have a great website, more than 1K users registered, and we are about to launch a great and huge new section of the platform : LEAGUES.

There are a lot of leagues in Pro Clubs. Contrary to one night tournaments, leagues last several weeks or months. Teams playing in leagues are more structured than teams for one night tournaments. Playing leagues is way more engaging.

I observed a lot how leagues work. And there are some interesting details to take into account that are not present in tournaments. For example, if a team forfeits during the league, what happens ? Which feature should we add when this situation occurs ?

Sometimes teams forfeit during a league. For example at the 3rd game out of 10, for reason x or y. At that moment, organizers often search for a new team to take the spot. So I was wondering. Should we let organizers change a team in the middle of a league ?

I like spotting these details, and talking with A* to see how we can implement them to make the experience smooth.

How a league will look like on the website