[114] First international tournament !

2 min readJan 22, 2023

2021, January 4th

For the first time, an international tournament is being organized on the IFC. Until today, our users were from French-speaking countries. And today, we managed to reach new players from other countries leveraging on how community works. Seeing them joining the app makes us think that what we are doing among the French community can also work at an international scale.

- Alright bro we’ll need to unlock the app in other countries because an organizer is currently preparing an international tournament on the IFC.
- Great ! Without even needing to communicate.
- Teams from Belgium, Portugal, Algeria, Angleterre, Kazakhstan.
- Kazakhstan ?
- Yes !
- Nice.
- One day we’ll have to translate the app.

Participants of the first international tournament on the IFC

I checked what ACF was, and it’s a big thing. It stands for Association of Cyber Football, and it is one of the biggest international network of Pro Clubs competitions with leagues and teams in many countries. And this tournament will bring on the app some ACF national teams. A great news !

Slowly but merely we are entering the network !