[115] Leagues are live !

2 min readJan 24, 2023


2021, January 6th

Here we are ! After weeks of hard work, leagues are live on the IFC ! It is the first version, and we will improve it step by step depending on feedbacks. We already have some !

- Can you make rankings full screen and remove the drop down-down menu ? I need to have it full screen to post it on Discord.
- Alright. But if they can see the rankings on the app, would you still post them on Discord ?
- Yes. Once a week (captains like to get them so they can post on their own Discord), and it allows to see the evolution.

Matt will be the first to organize a league on the IFC, the CACP : 2 leagues of 14 teams each, which means 28 teams using the app every day during 8 weeks.

It’s a whole new section opening on the IFC. We’ve discovered many leagues since we entered the Pro Clubs community. There are some big ones, like ACF, VPG, FVPA, that all have their own websites. At the moment, they are out of reach. We prefere focusing on young leagues that don’t have a website yet.
We give them the tool so they focus on growing their league without caring about the technical aspect of managing a website. That’s our job.

Looking forward for the CACP to start !