[116] A key feature is still missing

2 min readJan 27, 2023

2021, January 12th

A few weeks ago, we have deployed a brand new website, with an admin section.

We are getting more and more traction, and new competitions joining every week. We have 12 partners organizing on the IFC.

But one key feature still missing : the admin section on the mobile app.

Since leagues are now live, the admin section on the app has become the next priority.

Some people don’t have a computer, so it becomes way more difficult to administrate a competition. The web version on mobile is not optimal.

Do you remember the RCP Cup ? We organized a tournament with them a few months ago. We helped them finding their name, and they wanted the exclusive use of the IFC. Clem, the admin, decided not to use the IFC at that moment. He grew his project by his side and … He grew it very well ! The RCP Cup became the center of all tournaments in the French ecosystem with 1 to 2 tournaments a day and a great staff.

I contacted him so we could test the app, and see if he liked the new version. The tournament went well. But Clem does not have a computer, so the experience was not smooth as an admin.

Left : one tournament a day, right : Clem’s feedbacks

- Hi, everything went well ?
- Yes very good
- What can we improve ?
- Optimize the website for mobile. I don’t have a computer, it was difficult.

As a consequence, he will keep using his current system, which is Winner, a classic Tournament app.

We still have some work to do.

Cool news, we reached 400 downloads on IOS !