[117] The activity is increasing

2 min readJan 28, 2023

2021, January 15th

We’ve never been so active. Tournaments from 5 different organizers are coming, and we already have 2 league organizers.

Left : incoming tournaments, Right : incoming leagues

Except the RCP Cup, most organizers love the app. And once they use it, they no longer go back to their previous system.

We automized account creation, team creation, join a team, and create and manage a competition. The more we automate things, the more content we get on the app, the more new accounts we get.

128 accounts have been created over the last month. It’s not a lot, but I am very confident on what’s coming next.

It’s getting very interesting. Leagues allow us to have a great retention, and if players love the platform, the IFC may become a standard for esports competitions. Then we will add team management tools and other stuffs. We are building something big.

We also get many feedbacks that help us build our vision and understand needs.

- The only problem is that we can’t send messages to the other captain. It would be easier for leagues.
- Thanks for your feedback. Chats are on Discord at the moment. Later it will be on the IFC, but it takes time to set up.

One day, the IFC will have chats and it will be amazing. Now is not the moment, we already made that mistake once. But once ready, we will have a messaging system optimized for online esports competitions. Each game will have a discussion channel, where captains of both teams can chat and set up their game.