[119] First need to scale

2 min readFeb 5, 2023

2021, January 22th

Let’s go for leaaaaaaagues !

Here are the first calendars and rankings for leagues, with logos !

And as soon as things are deployed, we get feedbacks.

“It would be nice to add team logos in calendars”

The app is getting cooler and cooler. A new league called the PPL reached us. They would like to know more about the app. PPL is a big league. They have 5 divisions. It represents many players. It could be a huge step.

The number of accounts keeps increasing, and our servers are struggling to cope with the number of requests each night. We got 1300 requests today between 9:30am and 9:40am. We still have the free version for servers, but now, some requests can last 20 seconds. This is way too long. Our only solution would be to scale our servers. But it becomes expensive.

It’s good problems of course. Let’s see how it goes in coming weeks.