[15] Fake tournament

2020, April 11th

Nobody registered.

Maybe it’s normal. I come from nowhere, announcing tournaments without any credibility or experience. And I don’t have a lot of visibility.

These could be the reasons why nobody registered. Or maybe I was wrong thinking that there are a lot of teams out there waiting to participate in well-organized tournaments. Or maybe there are already a lot of well-organized tournaments and my brother was just unlucky.

Nobody registered to my tournament, so I will fake it. It may attract people for the next one.

Left: Registrations are closed. Right: Teams presentation.

Registrations are closed ! Thank you everybody for your participation ! The information related to the Carbon Cup #1 will be published very soon !

How ironic to say thank you for your participation when nobody registered. Right now I am ok with that. We all have to start somewhere. I hope it will only be for this one.

Designs for the tournament

I made some designs for every (fake) result of the tournament, and for the big picture. I am not a designer so my designs are very poor, but this is not really important today. I did this to show that the IFC tournaments are structured. I publish every design on the Instagram account so it makes public exposition for the teams, which can be appreciated.

We have a winner. Portugoal999 !

A big thank you for every team that participated and that made this first Carbon Cup edition possible ! Portugoal999 is the first winner ! Congrats ! New tournaments will be annouced very soon. The IFC

Once again, how ironic. I know.




Story of The IFC

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Road To IFC

Road To IFC

Story of The IFC

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