[24] Our website is ready

2020, April 30th

Today, A* sent me this message:

Bro, I finished the first version of the webite


He also told me that he is suprised that some tournaments are being organized in such an underground way. I agree. It is suprising. But if it happens, it means that there is something missing in the existing system. And our website will tell us if we manage to fill this gap.

He is ready to deploy. It is for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will organize a tournament the same way as usual, but instead of using protournoi.fr, I will use our own website. No need to tell the players for the moment. First, we will check if there are any bugs in the code.

We also talked about futur steps.

- Something that would be even better is to let people organize their own tournaments, find 8 ou 16 teams by themselves, and use our platform to manage everything.

- That would be great indeed.

I told him a lot of my ideas, and I was already talking about creating a company. I can be overwhelming sometimes. I have a lot of ideas, I want to build something great. But maybe I am totally wrong. Maybe this will be a huge fail. A* keeps my feet on the ground, and it is good.

Sure, but let’s see if it works before don’t you think haha ? Maybe it will be a fail and people will never go to the website. We have no idea.

We need to find a balance.

And if you launch your website and nobody visits it ?

We will have the answer in the next couple of days.



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