[26] I know nothing

2020, May 2nd

I spent the night discovering what A* built in 10 days. I scrolled, I switched pages, I created a fake tournament, I added teams, I logged in, I logged out, I logged in again, we even added scores of a previous tournament to see what it looks like to have a full tournament displayed on the website (Spoiler alert: It looks beautiful).

He told me about code lines, database rows and tables, deployment, backend, front-end, responsivity, DNS, librairies. I understand nothing. Really nothing.

Ok, I don’t really understand what tables are but ok. I really need to level up about these subjects.

For the first time, I felt the huge gap between those who know, and those who don’t know. I was amazed by how independent you can be when you know how to code. You have a small idea, you can build it by yourself, and deploy it a few weeks later.

I have already wanted to learn code. I remember, 3 years ago, I was 20 yo, and I met a guy during a small party. He was the same age, and was about to deploy his new app. An AR Twitter App, that allows you to see your Twitter feed in augmented reality. A few days after the launch, everybody talked about it. His app was on TV in the US, in India, in UK. It was the first app to do that. I was amazed to see the impact that can have the combination of a great creativity and great coding skills. He did this alone, in his room. After that, I tried to learn code to give life to ideas I used to write on a small notebook. It lasted 2 weeks. I was not motivated enough.

But today is different. We have a website now. I need to understand how it works. I need to understand A* when he talks about technical stuff, and I want to participate in building the website.

Meanwhile, I keep building the community. It grows fast. We reached 75 captains in the Facebook group, and people start to interact with each others in the comment section of my posts. Building the website is important, but building a strong community is also a major part of the success of a project.




Story of The IFC

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Road To IFC

Road To IFC

Story of The IFC

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