[28] Cheating ?

2020, May 5th

I organized 2 or 3 tournaments in the past 5 days, in order to get feedbacks for the website. A* and I keep exploring stuff. When we find some little bugs, he fixes them in a minute.

Display bug when using a smartphone
Display bug when using a tablet

It seems nothing, but it is amazing to be able to fix problems that fast.

- I fix that right now.

3 minutes later

It should be good !

- Lol you are so fast

Today, we also discussed about the next steps. And I think that there is one particular that will be very interesting for us. Letting people enter their own scores on the website. I know it is strange. We try to create a solid tournament, and we give people the opportunity to cheat by letting them add wrong scores ?

I think people don’t play to win in that kind of tournaments. They play to spend a great night with their friends. Of course, sometimes there is trash talk. There are drawbacks when people only communicate through screens. But there is also trash talk in real life, so it is not surprising. People play to spend a great night together, and I am sure they have 0 interest in cheating and giving a wrong score. The other team only has to send a picture of the TV with the good score to know who is wrong, and the risk of being blacklisted is too big.

So yeah, let’s go for it. People create their account, and can enter the score of their team on the website.

On tonight’s tournaments, there were some regular teams, and new ones. We had very good feedbacks.

One of tonight’s captains said :

First participation and a very great night. I want to thank the great organization. We will come back with pleasure. Thank you and good luck for the rest of the tournament !

Sometimes there is trashtalk, but sometimes there is fair-play. In the end, people just want to spend a good night, and when it works, it is nice.




Story of The IFC

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Story of The IFC

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