[29] First accounts

2020, May 9th

Today, A* deployed the account section. Last week, the website was only used to display calendar and rankings. It was some kind of web 1.0 website. So today is a big step. For the first time, people can register to the IFC and have an account thanks to a third-party login.

But the question is, what does it change for players to create an account ?

Once the user is registered, we associate his account to his IFC team so he gets access to small boxes in his calendar where he can add his own scores.

So tonight was a crash test. For the first time, people enter their own scores. This is how I introduced players this new feature.

Alright guys, the tournament begins in 30 minutes. Eveybody managed to login. Now you can enter your scores in “Calendar and Results”, and the score will be validated once both team entered the same score. It is useless to cheat, I can see everything. The goal of this feature is to make things easier then you don’t have to send your scores in full letters everytime :)

Did it work ?

- Alright let’s go

- Damn it’s working ! You don’t have anything left to do hahaha . What a pleasure

Yeeees it worked. 2 weeks ago I had to send calendars and rankings screenshots in many conversations. Now I just have to check that people correctly manage their scores.

Sometimes there were some conflicts betweens scores, but It was never intentional. I just had to asked what the score was in the conversation, and it was always a typing error from one of the captains.

So it’s cool. It is a big step to see that players can have some independence when it comes to adding their scores. It is a big interrogation for us. How do we organize many tournaments at the same time ? It is impossible to be everywhere at the same time. I think we have a first part of the answer.




Story of The IFC

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Road To IFC

Story of The IFC

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