[34] Learn to code

2020, May, 22nd

I think I will learn code. I want to help, and A* can give me good advices. Right now, our tasks are clearly distinct. I manage the community, he writes code. Maybe it would be nice to have a look at what the other does.

- This is stimulating for me to, maybe a little bit frustrating to work in the dark, but I learn a lot of stuff

- What do you mean in the dark ? Without contact with players ?

- Yeah

- Haha I was going to say the opposite. I would really like to have skills in programming to help you, but it’s complicated

I think the IFC is a great opportunity to learn code, by practicing langages we use for the website. Then I will be able to quickly put what I learn into action. It is harder to learn without any goal. Now I have one.

Html, CSS and Javascript for the frontend. For the backend, you need to learn Python.

Let’s go.




Story of The IFC

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Road To IFC

Road To IFC

Story of The IFC

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