[36] The IFC messaging system is ready !

2020, June 1st

A few days ago, A* sent me a picture of the messaging system he is developing for the IFC. And it looks great, it looks really great.

There is one general conversation with every team captain, and one conversation for each group. As the general admin, I am in every conversation.

All these conversations are automatically generated when groups are generated. 2 weeks ago, A* had no idea how to make a messaging system. I am amazed by how fast he learns these things.

So today, we were ready to deploy. But A* had a problem.

- It’s a nightmare. I broke EVERYTHING haha. My computer is down

- Ouhlalala everthing is catching fire 😂. What’s the f*** is going on 😂

- Man I don’t have access to anything. I mean I broke everything

I am never worried in that kind of situations, because everytime it happens, A* finds a solution in a couple of minutes. And once again, that’s what he did. I took him 4 minutes.

I think I fixed it … Yeah it’s good.

After this little inconvenience, we deployed and it worked. We sent our first messages, using our own messaging system for the first time.

No need to translate, it’s silly stuff. But it worked. It’s a first version, with many things to improve, but the core system works. We can talk through the IFC. It’s amazing ! Looking forward to use it during our tournaments !



Story of The IFC

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