[38] Confort zone

2020, June 5th

I don’t know how to code, so I can’t help in coding the website or the app. My value in this project depends on my ability to build a community around the IFC. And it’s not an easy part. It’s less tangible than a website.

Do you manage to extend a little bit ? I feel that it’s always the same teams that participate in our tournaments over and over.

It’s true. We often have the same teams in our tournaments. I think it’s important to have a core of regular users. Then we can get direct feedbacks. Even better, these regular users become advocates and convince other teams to participate in our tournaments.


It’s also important to listen to other perceptions. Humans have a lot of cognitive biases. And maybe I am getting one when I say that I prefer focusing on building a strong core of teams rather than finding new ones.

Maybe in reality, I am struggline to find new ones. Then, calling what I do a “strategy” would be a way to stay in my confort zone, rather than risking to fail in my search for new teams. Nobody likes failing. Here, it would call my intuition about online football into question. While staying with the same teams over and over is a great fix of validation.

“Confort zone”, our dearest enemy.

I think that the reality is a mix between our both intuitions. And I give a huge credit to intuition. For A*, we struggle to expend. As it’s my role to build a community, I’ll step up.



Story of The IFC

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