[42] The app is almost finished

2020, June 12th

A* finished the front-end of the app. I am getting used to be impressed. 2 weeks ago he did not know how to make an app. Today he sent me this. I’ve been learning to code for a couple of weeks now, I start to understand concepts and big ideas but despite this, I had no idea it was possible to be that fast. Maybe people that have been coding for a long time find that normal, but for me it’s impressive. So here are the visuals.

Same direction as usual: simple and straightforward. I’m beggining to repeat myself.

For this app, we use a Javascript framework called React Native to have a cross-plateform app.

What does that mean ?

In an app, the front-end is what the user sees. And Javascript is a very famous front-end language.

Then what is a Javascript framework? Skillcrush defines it that way:

At their most basic, JS frameworks are collections of JavaScript code libraries that provide developers with pre-written JS code to use for routine programming features and tasks — literally a framework to build websites or web applications around.

A lot of apps use same patterns and functions. So instead of coding them from scratch, frameworks make them easily available for developers.

React Native is a very famous Javascript framework. It allows to build cross-plateform apps, which means apps that work both on Android and iOS. Contrary to native apps that only work on one Operating System.

By using React Native, we did not have to code an app for IOS and an other for Android. Thank you RN.

The app is almost finished, we still have to connect it to the back-end, but it should be ready in a couple of days.




Story of The IFC

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Road To IFC

Story of The IFC

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