[43] Insults

2020, June 14th

Until now, I did not really talk about the toxicity in some parts of this ecosystem.

In virtual football, emotions are very powerful. For the best, but also for the worst. Like in football. But the mix between anonymity, emotions and distance is a dangerous cocktail. Sometimes, a great night with friends turns into a huge dose of frustration for some players. And frustrated people are not the kindest ones. All the more behind their screen.

I have already been insulted by players that did not accept my decisions. It makes part of the job. Sometimes you must set your ego aside and analyse the problem, rather than adding fuel to the fire by insulting in return. Referees in football are great examples for that.

We don’t talk enough about referees in football. They are watched by millions of people every week. They are hated after each contesting decision. It’s easier to accuse them for a bad performance rather that self-examinate. And when they do a great job, they are barely congratulated. It’s hard to find other jobs where you are that insulted and taken appart after a decision. And 99% of the time, they keep their cool.

I don’t pity them. They know what they signed for. However, they are great examples of cold blood and self control. And to build a strong project in this boiling ecosystem, we have to keep calm.




Story of The IFC

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Story of The IFC

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