[50] Build the app with our community

2 min readMay 18, 2022


2020, June 28th

Yesterday, we got a message from E*, the captain of one of our regular teams.

He has his own league, called the CACP. He has already organized 3 seasons, and would like to host the next ones on The IFC. Right now, He uses Winner, an app that allows to generate and to manage your tournament. On Winner, only the competition’s admin can manage scores. So E* has to fill everything by himself and then, send rankings screenshots to team captains. It takes a lot of time. We’ve been there.


I did not really know about leagues. There are still a lot of things I don’t know in this world, but I’m learning.

Leagues are even more involving competitions than one-night tournaments. They last serveral weeks, and require a lot of organisation from team general managers (= team captains).

There is something interesting in the development The IFC. A lot of ideas directly come from users. They ask us if we could add this specific feature, or that specific feature on the website, to make things easier.

The construction is becoming collaborative between our small community and us. It’s a great way not to waste time building something that won’t match their needs.

Of course sometimes we try things that users did not ask, and wait for their feedbacks (such as what we did for scores). But the general process is a great mix between users’ current needs and us designing things they did not think about.

To go back on leagues, we have to dig. Understand how they work, understand how we can adapt the current API to leagues. We are thinking of a one-group tournament. It will take a little bit of time.