[55] Designing next steps

2020, July 11th

Right now the website is only black and white.

In Twitter or Facebook, teams have their own logos, and they are great. They show teams’ visual universes, and it would be nice to add them to the website, to add colors and cool designs.

I made drafts for the next pages.

This would be the homepage, with live tournaments, great logos, coming and past events.

It is more or less like the current version, simple, but with logos. I think it’s pretty cool.

I tried to design other pages like the team section but it’s really bad looking. Whatever, it’s a good way to structure things and open doors.

It looks like a website from 2002, but the idea is here. Create a space where captains can manage their squad, add social networks and see coming tournaments. It’s like a big esport team dashboard. And it would be visible by other teams aswell. Like for football teams in websites like Eurosport or l’Equipe in France. You have access to their squad, their stats, their results, coming games…

It’s interesting how many parallels there are between football and 11v11 online football. Of course there is the game, but there are also squad management, recruitment, and team schedule problematics.

The more we dig, the more we see all of this as an ecosystem.

Therefore, we want to create a place where all these actors can grow their project, interacting with each other.



Story of The IFC

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