[57] Designing the V2

2020, July 13th

We have a website that works, that allows teams to participate in well organized tournament, and organizers to have a nice tool to manage their event.

A* told me :

I have a lot of ideas for the design, with small features here and there. What do you think about something like this ?

That’s dope. What a glow up that would be. These pages don’t really exist, they have been made on Powerpoint, but if we reach that kind of design level, it will be huge.

Right now, if an organizer wants to host a tournament in the IFC, he has to ask us, we create the tournament for him, and we manage it with him. It’s not optimal, and we could automatize some parts of the processes.

So for the V2, organizers will be able to fill a form by themselves, indicating the format they want for their tournament, the date, the clock, and some specific rules.

One question we had is “Should we let everyone organize a tournament or do we keep control on who organizes ?”

The first solution would target quantity. We chose the second one, quality.

It means that everyone can fill the form, but then we have to validate it. Therefore, only validated tournaments will be hosted in the IFC. That’s a quality guarantee, and a way to force organizers to be serious. In the end, we will provide all tools needed to let organizers be able to handle their tournament from A to Z, without our intervention.

We also talk about the registration system. Do we let teams add their name directly on a tournament registrations’ list on the website, or do we let organizers manage registrations?

The first option would create interesting activity on the website, but is likely to generate problems. Because today, teams add their name on a list in Discord. What if they add their name on Discord but not on the website? what about the contrary ? If tournaments are full, it would create some problems for organizers. We don’t want that. We want him to have the best tournament organization experience.

With the second option, only the organizer can manage registrations for his tournament on the website. So he just has to see the list in Discord, and manually add them in the IFC.

I think we have to take into account how things work today. A few weeks ago, we made the mistake to try to compete with fully optimized messaging system. We just lost time. But it was a great lesson. So we must understand how people use Discord, and use this network as a support, rather than trying to compete with it.

Next weeks will be amazing. Looking forward to dig into the v2. I also made some design propositions, leaning on A* designs. It would be nice for teams to have a dashboard with tournament they are engaged in. A section called “My tournaments”

In the midtime, and for the first time, we have two simultaneous tournaments in the IFC.



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