[60] People start using the app

2020, July 27th

The app is live on Android. And we start receiving messages from people asking for when it will be live on Iphones.

Hey, do you know when the app will be available on the Apple Store ?

We still have to manage some little configuration stuff. But it’s cool, people are asking for it. We also made the app available in Belgium, the admin from the Family Cup lives there.

We made our very first tournament using the app with him tonight. There were some bugs and people could not enter their score. But it was ok, players knew it was the first time. They were chill, and could also use the website.

Anyway, we saw where we had to improve the app, and A* will fix stuff tomorrow. And tomorrow is a great day.

Because we will host the biggest tournament ever in the IFC. An InfoFoot Cup with 32 teams. It’s a two days tournament, and it’s already full.

What a great idea to make a new crash test with our app that day 🤟

But it’s fun, and people are cool. We are happy to have direct feedbacks. The V1 of the app was launched this week, and we already have many user feedbacks to improve it.



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