[63] Skills for independence

2020, August 6th

Over the last days, I saw A* working. He has coding skills I don’t have and can do things I can’t. We have a great complementarity. But the more I see him working, the more I want to learn.

When I see him working, I realize the power he has in his hands. I’m not talking about how expensive his skills are on the labour market. I don’t really care about that. I am talking about the independence it gives you.

If you want to make these skills available for a company, you can.

If you want to use these skills to build you own project, you can.

That’s amazing.

Since in September I have nothing to do, I also want to acquire this independence.

For me it has much more value than the classic consulting job I could get after my business school.

I will be able to help coding the IFC, and to understand what more technical issues.

I have already started to follow some free Openclassrooms courses. It’s amazing how easy it is to access knowledge today. Openclassrooms, blogs, youtube, tutorials… Knowledge is everywhere, no excuses.



Story of The IFC

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