[68] Rejected by the App Store

2 min readJul 19, 2022


2020, August 20th

The app is already available on the Google Playstore for Android users since a few weeks.

Iphone users start to ask for it.

Some French reviews of the InfoFoot Cup and the IFC app

In terms of set up, it’s a little bit different from Android, that’s why it took us a little bit longer to deploy it.

But that’s it. Everything is ready. We will have our app on the Apple Store. We are excited.

We created a developer account (much more expensive than Android by the way), we created the first build of the app, and we used Transporter to send it to Apple for review.

For what we saw, Apple is way stricter than Android about what is entering in their ecosystem. That’s why they deeply review every app (that’s what they say) before they can be distributed on the App Store. It takes more or less 24 hours to know if the app is approved of rejected.

And our app has been rejected.


When your app is rejected, you receive this kind of emails.

The first time we got rejected, it was our fault. We added third party login without adding the Apple third-party login. It is written in their guidelines, if there are some third-party login, the apple third-party must also be there.

So A* added it.

We sent our app a second time for review, hoping this one was the good one.

We got rejected. Once again. For a very small detail.

A* was not going to like it, since he already doesn’t really like Apple.

- You’re going to go crazy bro 😂

- No fucking way.

For our second try, we got rejected because of this:

So yeah, here we go again.

Small change, new build, once again we send the app for review. 24 hours to wait.

Let’s hope this third time will be the good one.