[71] Grow a virtual football hub

1 min readJul 21, 2022


2020, September 2nd

We are about to reach 100 downloads (Apple + Android) of the IFC app. Slowly but surely, and we get daily feedbacks on the Discord.

I also had a new idea to make the IFC a virtual football hub.

The problem with all the other apps is that there is no track records for results. Once the tournament is finished, it disappears, and it becomes impossible to know who won, who went to semi-finals, or quarter-finals.

We have track record on our app. We store every score. Today, we don’t use this data, but we will when the time will come.

Sometimes partners don’t use the IFC. I can be available, or the tournament format is not supported… And when a tournament is not on the IFC, we can’t get the results. That’s not good.

Even if the tournament is not on the IFC, we should keep track of results. At least winners.

So from now, I will rank every IFC and IFC-partners winning team in a list, based on the number of victories.

It’s the first step to an IFC global ranking that will later be based on way more data than just final results.