[72] Community is not replicable

2020, September 3rd

At the moment, the app we are coding is not complicated at all to replicate.

It’s just a simple tool where you can access calendars, rankings, and fill scores. For organizers, it’s easier since then no longer have to send rankings and calendars screenshots. For players it’s easier since they can directly access all info they need in one space.

If someone wants to replicate the tech, it can be done in a few weeks.

The real value is our reputation and the community we are building.

You can create the same app, but you can’t replicate a community, without diging deep into how interactions work, who people are, what they need.

It’s fun because people often ask this question. What would happen if someone builds exactly the same app ? We are totally ok with that. The app is only one variable of the final equation. We don’t plan to revolutionize the tech industry. We don’t have skills for that. At least not yet. The project is more than an app.

It’s a community project. We create bonds with organizers, captains, players. They grow the project with us. I love this part. And I also think people love participating in its development, seeing that they have an impact.

We understand dynamics, quickly turn our thoughts into action, code stuffs, deploy them, analyse new dynamics they create, and get feedbacks.



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