[74] Vocabulary

2 min readAug 2, 2022


2020, September 9th

Words are important. Words create stories. When we speak, we select our words, to translate our perception, and how we live things.

In this community, I realized something very interesting about words : lexical fields are the same as real football.

When I asked one of my contacts if he finally joined a team called Mad Army, he answered me :

Yes, I signed as a technical director.

You don’t “join a team”, you “sign a contract with a team”, even if there is no contract.

11v11 football is the closest football simulation outside the pitch. So close that we use the same vocabulary.

All football fans, including me, once dreamt of becoming a professional football player as little boys. I remember very well when at 8, I was with my grandma, in her old appartment, searching on the Internet “How to be a professionnal football player ?”.

Then you slowly realize how impossible it is. You have to be part of the 0.0…01%, and have a lot of luck. But during a long period of time, until my 15 yo, I kept thinking that it was possible. I was accepted in the Red Star football club at 15. But it was to far from home so I did not continue.

It’s cool to find other ways to bring these dreams to life, and words play an important role.