[80] New pages of the V2

2020, September 23rd

This is how a team page will look like in the website V2.

On this page, teams can add their social networks, their streaming links, and we can access their track record, tournaments they organize, or tournaments they participate in.

We want to make a global profile, where it is easy to have an overview of the team.

Today, teams communicate on Twitter, sometimes they share their game history and their achievements, but Twitter is not optimized at all if we want to quickly know team previous results, all trophies they won etc. For example, in France, there is a media called l’Equipe, where you can easily access a football team profile and have a direct look at the squad, trophies they won, results of the current season. We’ll try to make the same for virtual football clubs.

And step by step, we will add new stats. A* has already a lot of ideas.

- I have a few ideas for nice stats in the results section.
- Nice ! Which kind of stats ?
- The total number of games played, victories, loss, draws, the number of tournaments, the number of won tournaments, number of goals scores … These stats will allow to reach milestones.
- Yes nice, and feed the ranking system. Dope.
- We will also see in which tournaments teams forfeited. To prevent teams from forfeiting Ince they registered in a tournament. The team section is almost finished. There’s a few components left to do, that I will use in other sections in the website.
- Nice bro, good job. It’s getting real.



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