2021, January 17th

It’s 3 in the morning, I just spent 20 minutes on the phone explaining to someone how the whole IFC system was working.

He was very surprised that I was available to talk that late.

And I was surprised too.

For me, support service is key. We have to be there for people that trust our service. But of course I can’t spend my nights on it. It would be crazy.

In the end, it brought us a new tournament organizer. So great !

And by the way, we just reached 1300 accounts. 3 weeks ago we had 1000. 100 accounts each week.

And it’s just the beginning… There are so many tournaments left to onboard… More than 100 teams are playing in tournaments tonight. And still many outside the IFC.



2020, December 19th

Boooooom, we just reached the symbolic level of 1000 accounts created on the IFC !

This is me right now, around people that don’t really understand what we are doing with our FIFA stuffs :

We spent 7 months to reach 1K users.

For the moment, the app is mostly made for team managers. So there is not a big traction for players yet. Apart from entering a squad, there is not a lot of things to do for them. No personal stats yet, no chats. they can only access their calendars and rankings. This is good, but not enough to bring them all onboard.

When we launched the IFC, the idea was to gather every FIFA players in one platform. We managed to get the first 1K and now, road to 10K 🔥